Calling Bull On The Body Positivity Movement

If you spend any time on social media, you will know that a big thing at the moment is body positivity. People are being told to love themselves no matter what size they are.

I know that the body positivity movement comes from a good place but can we please stop spreading this damaging rhetoric? I know that it’s mean to be ‘positive’ hence the name but it’s not positive.

Self-love in VERY important. I get that!

But, what I’m really sick of is people using the body positivity movement to promote obesity and fatness.

I’m sick of the “all bodies are beautiful, accept people for who they are” bullshit. This only promotes diabetes and laziness.

I get that not all people are in the position where they can head to the gym and some people can’t afford to have fruit and veg with every meal. But… somehow these people can afford takeaways most nights and all that expensive junk food.

Being overweight isn’t healthy. So please, can we just stop saying how big is beautiful. Big is dangerous.

I used to believe that as long as I loved myself then it’s all okay but it’s not okay because I should love myself enough to want the best for my body!

That is why I’m fighting and pushing myself to lose the weight. I don’t want to die young, I want to live a happy, healthy life and you should love yourself enough to want to as well…

4 thoughts on “Calling Bull On The Body Positivity Movement

  1. I understand what you’re saying but a big number of those people have eating disorders like binge eating. I personally am overweight because of this issue. Am I trying to lose weight? Yes but why wait until I am at the perfect size to start loving myself? Most overweight people didn’t choose to be there, just like those with anorexia/bulimia didn’t want to end up where they are. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t learn to live themselves while they’re still recovering x

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    • I completely understand what you are saying. I struggle with binge eating and I still love myself. That is exactly why I am trying to lose weight so that I can love myself enough to be the best version of myself..


    • No one said you had to wait until you’re smaller/thinner to start loving yourself. The point is to love yourself enough to want to change and better yourself. Except that’s not what a lot of these “body posi” people are doing. They’re promoting laziness and bad eating habits and a lot of them seem to have let themselves go, eat whatever junk food they want and then flaunt their body on social media all in the name of “body positivity” and “fat acceptance” which is damaging. Being overweight/obese isn’t okay, it’s not healthy and it’s not something people should be flaunting. It’s the complete opposite of self love.

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